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Business Benefits

49% of Consumers today research and check online reviews before purchase. It’s a fact! Businesses which proactively collect consumer reviews and testimonials, have social proof and engage with their respondents have more sales. In fact, 52% of people are more likely to buy from a company which responds to reviews.

Word of mouth cannot be advertised against.

In todays connected world, customers are in charge and they trust word of mouth more than any brand advertising content or medium. It is the voice of the customer which every business should listen to. Tellofy platform provides state of the art review acquisition tools, to acquire customer reviews for your product or service in audio, video, pictures and text. It has built in surveys with best practices like NPS®. (Net Promoter Scores)

When you ask consumers for their opinion, they expect that something will be done with it.

Tellofy engagement engine provides automation and engagement by way of replying to the reviews. This is highly important as 57% of consumers are more likely to buy from a business whose management responded to reviews, compared with a business whose management was silent on the subject. Can you really ignore what your customers say about you? Get in touch now and start a free trial we will get you started to start collecting feedback from your customers within hours.

Most businesses have the similar goals; lowering cost of acquisition of new customers and keeping your existing customer coming back for more! (i.e. Retention). After all, returning customers costs 5 times less than acquiring new customers. Tellofy helps in both aspects.

  1. Buyers want to purchase products that have credible online testimonials – video provide top conversion over audio or text review.

  2. Companies want to ensure reviews are largely from happy clients. With Tellofy’s invite only mechanism – likelihood of a positive review is increased.

  3. Increased traffic from Organics Search results: Tellofy creates a unique and SEO optimised page for all its client’s businesses by default and the fresh and regularly updated content on this page means that it is indexed more often, these pages move up the search results resulting in more free traffic to your site.

  4. Increase in Referrer Traffic: With state of the art publishing and social share features built in tellofy, its easy and simple to share the reviews you have collected and leverage this User Generated Content (UGC). All popular social platforms like facebook, twitter, google plus, YouTube are integrated within the tellofy platform. No excuse for not sharing on how awesome your customers think you are. All this social proof means more credibility, more clicks to your site from social channels. Again, these pages also advance up in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) quickly.

  5. Paid Search: If your business does any PPC you will see the seller ratings stars along with your AD copy in paid and organic listings. Tellofy reviews are coded with SEO best practices, incorporate the right schema and rich snippets. Ads with star ratings have a 17% higher CTR (Click Through Rates) eventually improving your Quality Score and Reducing CPC (Cost per click)

  6. Offline Stores: Tellofy provides solutions for both online and offline business and is a omnichannel product. Reviews can be collected in-store or on premise via our tablet / mobile apps as well. All reviews all stored in central repository for your business and its all connected in real time. This means more data and more reviews, more social proof, more time spent on site, more clicks, more retention …. You get the picture 😊

We hope that we have given you a sense of how reviews can help you get more visitors, prospects and more business. Our Review Marketing specialists will be more than happy to answer any further questions you may have on this subject. Contact us now for a free trial.

1) A review is typically a customer rating a business from 0-5. Some % of the reviewers may provide additional text or a photo to support the review.

2) A testimonial (typically captured live between a client and a business) is a client describing why a company’s product or service brings value to them.

3) A survey (i.e. survey monkey) gathers data to help the business measure success or failure of a product or service.Tellofy has made it easy to gather and deliver review/testimonials/and short surveys to drive more sales.

While tellofy has a fully customizable survey engine (like survey monkey or google forms) it’s not just a survey tool or a survey management service. All tellofy surveys and review requests have industry standard NPS questions built in. You can create as many surveys as you wish. and all your responses and data is in one place and within the tellofy platform irrespective of the collection device or channel.

The challenge with other survey tools like google forms and survey monkey is that response data resides in silos and isolated data sets. Subsequent surveys responses would create a new data set and these data sets all don’t talk to each other. So, it’s difficult to draw insights and trends. Further there are no engagement or sharing tools in those platforms.

Tellofy is not an open customer review website as consumers cannot create an account on tellofy themselves and leave a review about their experience. Tellofy is an invite only platform, which means that unless the business invites the consumer for a review a review cannot be posted on the tellofy system. This ensures more trust in the content and only genuine customers of a business invited by the business can leave reviews.

1) Tellofy helps businesses to collect feedback efficiently and provides actionable business insights. Case studies show over 3x increase in retention, on page stickiness and an increase in conversation rates along with user generated content for social.We are conversion experts and can help your business grow via the Tellofy platform. Register your business and see the difference, take a FREE trial.

2) Real time, capturing the moment of truth as it happens.

3) Increase response rate - audio, video, multiple touch points.

4) Easy to share.

5) and it allows businesses to share and publish these across your web properties and social platforms thus creating more Social Proof.

6) Tellofy multimedia enabled widgets increase visitor engagement and stickiness on your web pages so they spend more time on your site than your competitors, increasing retention and conversion.

You don’t have to, but we will tell you what you will miss if you don’t 😊

We have designed tellofy from inputs from Small and Medium Business Owners, Digital Marketing Professionals and Software Product Experts, keeping in mind to address the challenges faced by most businesses. We have made the software easy to use so non-technical users can get started easily. We also provide a 1 hour video call support in onboarding a new client.

Besides tellofy is more of a review marketing, engagement and insights tool.

Here are some features which you may not have on other review systems.

1) Survey and Review collection tools which work offline, on premise and online all from a single platform via email, text and on premise tablet apps. Capture the sentiment as closer to the moment of truth as possible.

2) Service or Product Level Review capability with Multi Media Responses.

3) Multichannel (Online, Offline, IVR, Chat), Multidevice (Mobile, Tablet and Desktop) , Multimode (Audio/Video/Pictures) Collection of reviews resulting in larger sample size and better insights all in Real Time.

4) Integrated Messaging and Automation engine to engage and reply to respondents.

5) Single Click share and publish: Ability to publish, share and distribute the content to all popular social platforms with single click.

6) Ability to request your respondents to also publish the tellofy review to other 3rd party sites which are relevant to your business.

7) Ability to show case all the data via our smart multimedia capable widgets on your social and web properties.

8) Insights and Analytics Reports on the Review Data to understand the voice of the customer better enabling you to make changes accordingly.

All this at an unbelievable price for the value tellofy delivers. Try us at no cost, call us now to know more on how to take a free trial and create a customized solution for your needs.

Feature Related Questions

Tellofy is an enterprise ready product it can integrate with any CRM with an API or in fact any data source which has an API available. Data can be pulled or pushed back depending on the case.

Tellofy also has its own API and SDKs. A good use case would be if you want to use tellofy platform for just the review collection mechanism and use a different data visualization tool for marketing automation and analytics.

Yes, we have multiple ways to integrate with third parties. We provide Mobile SDK & API. Write to us at and someone from the partner’s team will get back to you.

Absolutely, tellofy can collect reviews at a product level ( #skews) and showcase the same using product level widgets on your product listing page. The cool thing is that all these widgets are multimedia capable, so you can show case the audio video reviews for a product using thumbnails on your product pages. Talk to us for a free demo and you will see how it can increase page engagement by over 7 times.

Tellofy team has no access to your or your customer’s data, all is encrypted and stored in very secure multibillion dollar data centers of AWS (Amazon Web Services) and cloud.

Bad reviews or negative reviews are an opportunity to engage and convert those consumers to your advocates. That has more value than a business with only positives. Tellofy platform allows you to reply and engage with the consumer. The interaction is also published on the business brand page and visitors can see that the business is actively addressing that issue.

As a business owner, you get a trigger (Email / SMS) anytime a critical review is detected by the system allowing you as the business owner to act on it.

Imagine reading a testimonials page where respondents names are “posted by anonymous”, it has less credibility and raises doubt on the readers mind on the authenticity of the review.

Trust is key to any review system and Tellofy is an invite only platform, so it’s important that we show who it is from. In our experience, most customers have no problem by showing just their first name.

Perfect! Tellofy system has been designed keeping this in mind. Each account has a master account and a child account hierarchy. The master account login provides aggregate data across all locations and stores or outlets.

Each location/store and branch is a child account with its own username and password and can login independently. The on-premise solutions (tablet / kiosks) use the child account login to collect reviews in store and allocate that to the correct store.

Analytics and insights can be provided at business level (master account) and at each store level (child account)

Any text review with abusive language gets filtered automatically using our technology. There are profanity filters built in. if something slips by business can flag that to us and we will take immediate corrective action.

Audio and Video reviews are moderated, approved and published by the business owner.

Yes, of course, it’s all your data, you can download it from the dashboard.

No, unless it is fraud, (you would flag that to us and tellofy team will verify the same) unsuitable for public viewing or doesn’t follow the law of the land we don’t allow removal of reviews. Businesses however can reply back to each and every review. We strongly encourage businesses to engage and address the issue.

No, not really, a few negative reviews can make your business look better in the long run. It builds trust and customers can see brand engagement, if you reply and address them quickly and politely.

Yes, in addition to facebook, you can share your reviews across other social platforms like twitter, google plus and youtube. In fact we strongly urge customers to share their video reviews on their youtube channels.

This is fairly easy, we can integrate with most ecommerce systems. The review request emails are sent automatically based on your delay settings (no of days post a transaction).

It is also possible to upload a product / inventory CSV file with the transaction/order data to send ad hoc email for review request if you don’t want to integrate with your ecommerce platform.

In both cases all reviews are collected for the product and can be displayed using out multimedia widgets under your products on your ecommerce store.


Not much for the value Tellofy offers, we have flexible packages depending on your needs and business volume and generous free trials. It starts from as low as a few hundred dollars per month. Please contact us to get a free trial.

A review on your brand page belongs to you. See our Terms page for more info.

Billing Related

Not much for the value Tellofy offers, we have flexible packages depending on your needs and business volume and generous free trials. It starts from as low as a few hundred dollars per month. Please contact us to get a free trial.

We have a partnership program for referral and integration partners. If you are interested, please contact us.

You can pay monthly or yearly, however there are big discounts if you pay upfront the annual payment.

Pay online, bank transfer or send us a cheque. These details will be on your invoice.

You can cancel the subscription anytime, please check with terms of cancellation.